• Below is a comprehensive list of all official TriZetto names with their appropriate trademark.

    Corporate Names/Taglines:


    Benefits Administrator 5.0™
    Capitol Policy Examiner®

    Gateway EDI®

    Gateway EDI Where Technology & Service Come Together®

    Health Plan 5.0™
    IHM Power™
    New Challenges  New Solutions  New TriZetto (Logo)™
    New Challenges. New Solutions.  New TriZetto.®
    One Powerful Source®
    Powering IHM™
    Powering Integrated Healthcare Management®
    Powering Systematic Health Management®
    Smart Middle™
    Systematic Health Management®
    The Smart Middle™
    TriZetto Corporation

    The TriZetto Group, Inc.
    The TriZetto Triangle Logo®

    TriZetto Provider Solutions™


    TriZetto Products & Services:

    Appeal Logic™

    CareAdvance Essentials™
    Claims Data Manager

    Cognizant Health TranZform

    Detection Services

    Encounter Data Manager™
    Enrollment Administration Manager

    Facets Readiness Services™ (FRS)
    Facets Extended Integration™ (FXI)
    Facets Workflow™
    Facets™ (for software)
    Facets™ Analytics™
    Facility Fraud & Abuse Prevention Services
    Financial Reconciliation Manager
    Fraud Compliance Services
    HCC Risk Adjustment Manager
    Health Itinerary™
    Health Optimization Engine™
    IHM Foundation™
    Medical Data Express™
    Medical Fraud & Abuse Prevention Services
    MyHeathBank Finance™
    NetworX Modeler Analytics™

    NHXS National Health Exchange Services®

    NHXS Reimbursement Accuracy Made Simple®

    PDE Data Manager
    Personal Health Itinerary™
    Pharmacy Fraud & Abuse Prevention Services
    Provider Contract Modeler™
    Provider POS Direct™
    QicLink AutoDental™
    QicLink Billing
    QicLink CDH Module™
    QicLink CDH QicStart™
    QicLink ClaimBatch™
    QicLink e2 Consumer Directed Healthcare™
    QicLink e2™
    QicLink Extended Enterprise AutoDental™
    QicLink Extended Enterprise ClaimRules™
    QicLink Extended Enterprise ClaimWorkflow™
    QicLink Extended Enterprise ClinicaLogic™
    QicLink Extended Enterprise Dental Logic™
    QicLink Extended Enterprise™
    QicLink Extended Enterprise™ DataPiction® 2.2
    QicLinkDental Logic™
    QicLink™ HealthWeb® StatusLink™
    QNXT Connect Explorer
    QNXT Connect™
    QNXT Essentials™

    Revenue Cycle Management -- We Get It®
    Risk Prevention Services
    Risk Score Manager
    RX Utilization Management
    Safeswitch® for ASP services
    Safeswitch™ for BPO services
    Smart Middle™
    Tomorrow Begins Today™


    TriZetto Advanced Technology Solutions™
    TriZetto Advantage 10 Compliance Plus 5010™ Services
    TriZetto Advantage 10 Compliance Plus ICD-10™ Services
    TriZetto Advantage 10 Payment AnalytiX™ Services
    TriZetto Advantage 10 Services™
    TriZetto Advantage Framework™
    TriZetto Advantage Services®

    TriZetto Facets Advantage Implementation™

    TriZetto Enrollment Gateway™

    TriZetto Performance Insight™

    TriZetto Standard Content Package
    TriZetto® Advantage 10 Services™
    TriZetto® Application Hosting Services
    TriZetto® Benefit Cost Modeler™
    TriZetto® Business Performance Engineering Services
    TriZetto® Business Process Outsourcing Services
    TriZetto® CareAdvance Medicare™
    TriZetto® CareAdvance Provider™
    TriZetto® ClaimFacts™
    TriZetto® Claims Continuity Services
    TriZetto® Claims Overflow Services
    TriZetto® Clinical AnalytiX Interface™
    TriZetto® ClinicaLogic™
    TriZetto® Configuration Services
    TriZetto® Decipher™
    TriZetto® DirectLink™
    TriZetto® EMBR™
    TriZetto® Employer/Broker Bill
    TriZetto® Employer/Broker Enrollment
    TriZetto® Employer/Broker PTS
    TriZetto® Employer/Broker Services
    TriZetto® Enrollment Overflow Services
    TriZetto® Facets® Claim Check Interface™
    TriZetto® Facets™
    TriZetto® Fraud, Waste & Abuse Services
    TriZetto® ICD Translation Manager™

    TriZetto® ICD-10 Advisory Services
    TriZetto® Implementation Services
    TriZetto® Member Benefit Profile™
    TriZetto® Member Enrollment
    TriZetto® Member PTS™
    TriZetto® Member Service

    TriZetto® Multi Channel Enrollment
    TriZetto® NetworX Essentials™
    TriZetto® NetworX Medicare Solutions™
    TriZetto® NetworX Payment Bundling Administration™
    TriZetto® NetworX Pricer Medicare™
    TriZetto® Personal Health Record
    TriZetto® Plan Data Management
    TriZetto® Provider POS Direct™
    TriZetto® Provider PTS™
    TriZetto® Provider Service
    TriZetto® QicLink e2™
    TriZetto® QicLink™
    TriZetto® QNXT™
    TriZetto® QuoteToCard
    TriZetto® Technical Consulting Services

    TriZetto® Training Services

    TriZetto® Upgrade Center
    TriZetto® Value-Based Benefits Solution
    VBB Manager Communications Capabilities for Program Vendors
    VBB Manager for Members
    VBB Manager for Payers

    Virtual Solution Environment Accelerator™

    Waste Prevention Services™
    Xpress Claim Test Pro™
    Xpress Encounter Pro™